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It’s Not Rare if It’s in Your Chair

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It’s not rare if it’s in your chair.. this was a favourite phrase often used by my anatomy professor in optometry school. It was her way of reminding us to be prepared for anything and not to ignore the rare conditions during our studies – the conditions with such low incidences that most doctors don’t expect to encounter them during their careers.

A scare tactic. Needless to say, it worked on me!

2020 was a crazy year. An understatement, I know. We all came up against the unexpected and faced adversities that were, in a word, rare. Those in the eye care community were looking forward to 2020 as a special year. In fact, the eye-related 20/20 memes started rolling in long before the new year had even started. So, when I found myself locked down and unable to provide in-person services to my patients, it was a shock! Returning to work months later was stranger still as we all began to navigate our new normal. ‘It’s not rare if it’s in your chair’ now feels like the perfect metaphor for the year we’ve all lived through – an unexpected situation where we each had the responsibility to step up and deal with the challenge head on and grow from the experience.

I certainly did not expect to find myself at the helm of my own practice after spending three months of the year under lockdown! The transition from associate to practice owner was a challenge, but I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to bring top-notch eye care to my patients and I am incredibly grateful to the community for their support!

So here’s to a brighter 2021!

Stay tuned… More eyeball related posts to follow.


Written by Dr. Manji

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